Student Spotlight: Chloe Baumgardner

Piedmont senior and National Honor Society president, Chloe Baumgardner, has been offered $84,000 in scholarship money to Campbell University where she will attend in the fall. While she was accepted at Chapel Hill and Seton Hall Universities, she chose Campbell because it is extremely community service oriented and the only school that offers Pharmaceutical Science as an undergraduate major. She says, “Campbell felt like home for me.  There is just something special about the Creek.”  Seton Hall offered her $115,000 scholarship money.  She is planning to audition to the band program at Campbell, where she could potentially garner more scholarship money.

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100th Day of School

Mrs. Allison shares, “We did a snack activity where students counted out 100 items and placed them on 10 frames to sort them. 100 gum balls were drawn in gum ball machines. We read 100 words. We wrote and drew about what we would look like and could do if we were 100. Also we wore 100 day shirts!” 1st grade dressed up like 100-year-olds and also did 10 sets of 10 different exercises.

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