Hispanic Heritage and Flamenco!

Piedmont students in Mr. Mendoza’s Spanish class celebrated hispanic heritage and learned about Flamenco!  Students enjoyed an exciting exploration of Latin American culture from the hispanic nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America.  They witnessed a dazzling display of traditional and contemporary dance, colorful costumes and lively music performed by professional artists native to these countries.  Students saw traditional classics such as the Colombian Cumbia, Samba from Brazil, La Marinera from Peru, Mexican Jarabe Tapatio, Argentinean Tango and Malambo, as well as the Chacarera dance from Argentina, Bachata and Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Salsa Caleña from Colombia, and folkloric music and dance from Cuba including the Chancleteo and Carnival.

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Students Honored for Citizenship

Our middle school teachers selected three students from their team who demonstrate the character trait of Citizenship.  Congratulations to Jocelyn Doorley from 6th grade, Caiden Jackman from 7th grade, and Zoe Raht from 8th grade.  Character is an important core value at Piedmont.  We instill and expect compassion, integrity, honesty, personal responsibility, and respect for self and others.

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