Our Program

The instructional program at Piedmont Community Charter School is at the heart of the school’s success.  Because students can attend the school from their initial entry in kindergarten through twelfth grade and graduation, they benefit from the ongoing, personal relationships they form with teachers and from the sequenced and progressive instruction presented through the Core Knowledge curriculum.  Piedmont Community Charter School is recognized as an official Core Knowledge visitation site and, as such, provides an academic program that promotes instructional excellence and equity for all students.  In addition to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and Core Knowledge, PCCS’ academic program is supplemented by varied fine arts offerings, from music to dance to visual arts.  Students across all grade levels enjoy the benefits, both creative and academic, of participation in these programs.

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Piedmont Community Charter School has completed the 2010 Continuous Improvement Performance Plan based on the 2008-2009 Exceptional Children’s Data.  This plan outlines state reporting guidelines and identifies activities to address these guidelines for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years.  The complete plan is available for review in the Office on the Main Campus.

While charter schools are not required to submit School Improvement Plans to the State Department of Public Instruction, PCCS chooses to do so as evidence of our commitment to continuous improvement of our practice and our results.  We use MAP scores to help plan our pace and focus. Please feel free to review our MAP data in the following documents.

Operational Performance Framework 2013-14

Financial Performance Framework

Academic Performance Framework

Read to Achieve 2016-17

Read to Achieve 3rd grade 2015-16

Read to Achieve 1st and 2nd grade 2015-16

Graduation Rates 2010-14

School Report Card for 2014-15

School Report Card for 2013-14