Enrollment FAQ’s

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools open to all students.  Like traditional public schools, they are governed by the NC Department of Public Instruction and are required to teach the same standard course of study and meet the same testing requirements as traditional schools.  Charter schools differ in that they are separate “businesses” from the DPI and can make more independent decisions about budgeting and other operational items than traditional schools can.

What’s the story behind Piedmont Community Charter School?

PCCS was started by two sisters who, in thinking about their childrens’ education and what they wanted them to experience through education, developed a plan for a school that was grounded in its community and married a rigorous curriculum with service to one another and to the larger citizenry.

How does Piedmont Charter’s academic program differ from other area schools?

Like all North Carolina schools, PCCS uses the NC Standard Course of Study as the foundation for instruction.  However, because we are committed to producing students who are culturally literate and college-ready, our students also engage in the nationally-recognized Core Knowledge curriculum, and sequential, content-rich course of study that includes the core academics, music and art.