Piedmont Juniors go to Governor’s School

Piedmont juniors, Meagan Whitworth and Hannah McLaughlin, were accepted into the NC Governor’s School program. The Governor’s School of North Carolina is a five and one-half week summer residential program for intellectually gifted high school students, integrating academic disciplines, the arts, and unique courses. For the audition for Visual Art, Meagan displayed her work and answered questions from the judges. For the audition for Choral Music, Hannah had to demonstrate a solo performance and sight-singing. For the 2017 Governor’s School, a total of 670 students were selected from 1,796 received nominations.

Hannah McLaughlin shares, “I would like to thank Ms. Hunter specifically. In working with her for the past five years, I feel like she has prepared me for Governors school and any musical opportunities that may come in the future. Ms. Hunter is a wonderful musician and an amazing teacher. I’m grateful to have her.”