Piedmont Teacher is surprised by Power 98 FM!

Power 98 FM radio station received a teacher appreciation nomination from Piedmont senior, Demoniya Cole. On May 10th, Power 98 FM surprised both Demoniya and her nomination at school. Demoniya read the following letter of appreciation to Mrs. Walter.

“Christina Walter is a high school science teacher at my school. I have had her for biology, chemistry and anatomy honors. Personally, science is not my best subject but she actually made me want to learn even though I knew it would be difficult for me. Mrs. Walter is a loving teacher and she makes coming to school worth it.

Her teaching style is amazing. You have hands on activities. There are times where you sit and listen but she makes sure you understand what she is saying. My favorite thing in her class is when she allows each student to do a PowerPoint and teach the class on a certain subject. I feel that helps a lot of students out.

Mrs. Walter loves her job teaching and you can tell everyday she has a bright smile and can turn the atmosphere in a room around. I absolutely love her and I will miss her when I graduate this year.”

Mrs. Walter was given a gift bag and cup cakes.