Winter Sports Banquet

High School Awards

High School Boys:
Most Valuable:              Jaylen Prioleau
Best All Around:            Christian Walker
Best Defensive Player: Jordan McAuley

High School Girls:
Most Valuable               Demoniya Cole
Best All Around            Courtney Williams
Leadership                   Cydney Williams

Jr. Varsity
Most Valuable             Devin Cuthbertson
Most Improved           Jeremiah Joyner
Most Dependable       Joshua Ledford

All Conference
Boys Basketball          Christian Walker and Jaylen Prioleau
Girls Basketball          Courtney Williams and Demoniya Cole

Cheerleading Awards

Spirit Award                                 Carmen Haylock

Coach’s Award                            Cydney Williams

All Around                                    Alecia Gregory

Middle School Awards


Most Valuable Cheerleader      Madison Clark

Leadership                                Lauryn Jefferson

Most Spirited                             Hailey Moore

Girls Basketball

Most Improved                            Addison Berry

Coach’s Award                            Grace East

Most Valuable Player                  Anyssiah Love

Boys Basketball

Best Offensive Player                   Bobby Erwin

Most Valuable Player                   Jaylen Orr

Best Defensive Player                   Devan Tharp


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