Isabel Walter Selected for Governor’s School

Isabel Walter was selected to Governor’s School Social Science program, which covers several key themes. First, they want students to see themselves simultaneously as individuals and as participants in society. Secondly, while the material is firmly rooted in history, they use history to ground discussions of contemporary social problems. Finally, they will combine both classroom discussion and personal experience in meaningful, analytical ways. Social science must, after all, be “social” as well as “scientific.”

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Piedmont Donates 7,350 pairs of socks!

This March, Piedmont Community Charter School made the biggest donation to the ODD Sock Ministry in their history. Piedmont’s high school National Honor Society challenged the school to compete to bring in the most socks. Mrs. Morris and Mr. White have a friendly competition each year during the annual sock drive. This year, Mr. White’s classroom came in first place and Mrs. Morris placed third. One of Mr. White’s students, Zoe Bryant, reached out to her grandfather who works at Thorlos socks. Thorlos not only donated 2100 pairs of socks to the sock drive, but committed to donate 2100 pairs of socks for the next five years. Mrs. Dellinger’s middle school classroom collected the second highest amount of socks.

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