What We Are Learning

Parents- We are hard at work here in Kindergarten!
We are learning how to count to 10 and write to the number 10 and we have learned shapes, AB patterns.
We have learned all about nouns and verbs.
We have learned the letters, Tt,Ss,Pp,Aa
We are learning many sight words.
We are learning about key details in a story.
We have learned so far about the different Genres: fables, tales, informational texts, fantasy stories.
We have learned to write names.
We are learning how to write sentences.
We are learning how to read!

At night please ask your child what they are learning in class.
Ask them to retell the story to you that we are reading in class. Ask who are the characters in the story. Ask where did the story take place. Ask them what letter they are learning this week and what sound it makes. Ask them to tell you words that begin with the letter that we are learning.
Ask them to tell you what is a noun and have them describe some to you.
Ask them to practice writing a sentence about the story we have read for the week. Checking to make sure the letters are on the correct line.

Please make sure that your child is reading every night to you.

I am loving getting to know your child.
Thank you. for your support.