Week 15 — December 2-6

ELA:  Vocabulary Unit 2 Week 4

Spelling Unit 2 Week 4

Scripps Spelling List

This week students will focus on summarizing. Their comprehension skill is main idea and details and our vocabulary strategy is prefixes. Students will have a spelling quiz and a reading comprehension test on Friday, December 6th.

Math:  Students will continue working on their unit on Multiplication. Students will have a test over Multiplication on Friday, December 6th. The Restaurant Project is due on Friday, December 13th.

Social Studies (Tate and Bishop):  Students will continue working on the American Revolution. Our focus this week are the “famous documents” of the revolution. Students will have a Documents Test on Thursday, December 5th.

Science (Johnston and Stowe):  Electricity Vocabulary

Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday, December 3rd. Their test over Electricity will be on Thursday, December 5th.  Students will begin their unit on Rocks and Minerals on Friday, December 6th.