Homework Week of 12/9/19

Journal writing:  Write a Christmas letter to someone important.  Christmas is a time that we like to share, give words of encouragement and appreciation, and kindness.  Decide who you will write your letter to.  Include something to share, words that will encourage, express your appreciation, and include kind comments on a specific topic.  This is due Thursday.  Be sure to edit your writing.  If you have an address we will mail the letter.  Examples of people to write are:  President Trump, Governor Roy Cooper, Mayor John Bridgeman, Principal Ernie Bridges, Headmaster Jennifer Purdee, Assistant principal Mrs. Huffstetler, etc.  This needs to be your best work!!!!!


Mon. Write words 3x each and definitions.   You can place definition into a quizlet to study.

Tues.  Write sentences with spelling words.  Be sure to use capitalization and punctuation.

Wed.  Write words in pyramid form 3x.

Thurs. Prestest–Write words missed 10x.

Fri. –Test


abound account accountability accountant
aloud amount announce announcement
around arouse astound