End of Grade Proficiency for 2015-16

Schools use End of Grade (EOG) testing to find out just how skilled or proficient the students became in reading, math and science. This measurement of how much students have learned is called proficiency. Teachers worked hard using MAP data and Compass Learning Odyssey. Administration had goal setting conferences with students and parents. Students on both campuses had opportunities to work on Compass Learning Odyssey at school and at home.

PCCS-CFA is offering math remediation at the secondary campus each afternoon. Also, parents can regularly check as grades are posted on parent portal to make sure students are on track.

Attached Files:

Read to Achieve 2016

EOG 3rd grade 2015-2016

EOG 4th grade 2015-2016

EOG 5th grade 2015-2016

EOG 6th grade 2015-2016

EOG 7th grade 2015-2016