Google Classroom


In February, I worked with 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Baker, on setting up Google Classroom with her students. She wanted a way to be able to post a discussion question and have students practice writing their responses, see what other students in the class had to say, and for her to have the ability to respond to them individually.

I suggested Google Classroom for several reasons!

  • It’s free
  • It’s safe & secure
  • Students already have Google accounts through Google Apps for Education (I like to keep my logins for various sites as streamlined as possible and not have dozens of usernames and passwords floating out there. And this goes for students too)
  • It’s clutter-free, no ads
  • It’s very user friendly

In Google Classroom, teachers can post announcements, assignments, ask questions, link to external media, attach documents, receive student work, and return it to them graded– all paperlessly. I love it! I can’t praise it enough. In fact, I’m a loyal follower of wonder-educator Alice Keeler’s blog filled with helpful tips on getting the most out of Google for education.


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