Homework week of 1/27/20

BOOK REPORTS DUE!!!!!!    If Book report is not shared this week I will be notifying parents.

Journal entries: Entries should be 3 paragraphs:  opening, middle, ending.

What are you most proud of accomplishing?   

What does it mean to be part of a community?


Mon. Make a quizlet with word and definition.  Write words 3x each.

Tues.  Write each word in a sentence and write part of speech.

Wed.  Write words in a ABC order.  Practice matching word to definition.





Spelling words:

cinema                          What is playing at the cinema?
tirade                            His tirade lasted for nearly twenty minutes.
subheading                  The subheading was not clear.
sequel                          Will you go to see the sequel?
permission                   I need permission to go on the field trip.
recede                         The flood waters should recede soon.
journalism                    I would like to study journalism.
diameter                      The diameter of the table is easy to measure.
glimpse                        I just got a glimpse into my future.
exaggerate                   I don’t like to exaggerate.
wrangle                        The cowboy will wrangle that bull.
decoy                          The decoy tricked everyone.
favorable                      The weather is favorable for sailing.
intermediate                She is at the intermediate level.
inspection                   We must complete our inspection of the facility.
utilization                     The utilization of technology was not widespread.
variant                          There are many variant possibilities.
aggregate                     The aggregate effect is not yet known.
annul                            We will annul the contract.
fraudulent                     His actions were extremely fraudulent.