Piedmont Earns High Proficiency Scores

I am extremely pleased that Piedmont’s End Of Grade and End or Course scores are reflecting the diligence of our hard working teachers.  Piedmont Community Charter School-CFA had reading, math or science End of Grade scores ranking 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the county for at least one subject per grade.

End of Grade (EOG) testing measures proficiency beginning in 3rd grade.  Piedmont EOGs ranked 1st in Gaston County in the following subjects: third grade Math, sixth grade Reading, seventh grade Reading, eighth grade Reading and eighth grade Math. Piedmont EOGs ranked 2nd in Gaston County in the following subjects: third grade Reading, fourth grade Reading, sixth grade Math and eighth grade Science. Piedmont’s Fourth grade Math, fifth grade Reading and High School Biology were the 3rd highest proficiency scores in the county.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.35.36 PM

Our overall school performance grade (SPG) was a B. We are pleased to have scores higher than the state and county average. As we are a school that strives for excellence, our target goal for next year will be 85% growth and a proficiency score of 75.

I am confident the middle school reading scores are higher because of our renewed emphasis on teaching the Core Knowledge curriculum the past 2 years. Core Knowledge is a content rich K-8 curriculum that our teachers aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. The purpose is to build background knowledge to prepare students for high school and college, which enables them to improve comprehension because they have a broad base of knowledge. Students are exposed to higher level vocabulary and complex text in each subject as well as music and art.

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EOC 2014_2015

EOG 3rd grade 2014_15

EOG 4th grade 2014_2015

EOG 5th 2014_2015

EOG 6th grade 2014_2015

EOG 7th grade 2014_2015

EOG 8th grade 2014_2015

2014-15 School Performance Grade, School Performance Score and Growth Status by District_School