Supply List for 2019-2020

Supply List (2019-2020)


Third Grade Supply List 2019-2020

Please bring all supplies to the orientation session.
3 rolls of paper towels
3 large boxes of Kleenex
1 large pack of napkins
2 boxes of unscented baby wipes
1 large canister of Clorox wipes
4 boxes Ticonderoga #2 pencils (already sharpened)
1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper
1 pack of colored pencils or 1 box of 24 crayons
4 highlighters (Not skinny) in different colors
1 bag of individually wrapped candy (No Hard Candy)
1 large box of quart size Ziplock bags
3 Marbled notebooks (not spiral bound)
2 pairs of headphones- send in a baggies with the student’s name on the bag.
3 PLASTIC  pocket folders.  1 red, 1 green, 1 blue.
1 hand sanitizer  (Clear only) NO LIQUID SOAP
1 box of plastic forks 2 boxes of plastic spoons
1 Box Band-Aids                                            1 white board  (8×10)
4 Expo Markers                     Whiteboard Eraser Scissors
Individual pencil sharpener to keep in desk
Pack of large glue sticks (at least 4 sticks)
2 packs of individual pencil top erasers (Easy to find at Dollar Tree!)
1 pack of colored post-it notes
ALL STUDENTS should have a book bag
One ruler to keep at home for homework
NO: Expo board cleaner, Ring Binders, or markers