Book bags, cell phones, and other bags should always be kept in lockers.
Students should use the 3 minute break between classes to go to the restroom and to get water. …Don’t be late!
Students are only allowed at lockers before HR, after 3rd, and after 6th period.  Students should be on time for each class with necessary materials.
Classwork and homework should be turned in on time.  If late turning in work, the highest grade you will receive will be a 60…unless you were absent.  Students must get permission before leaving their seats.  Sharpening pencils, getting tissue, etc. should be done upon entering the classroom & before instruction has begun.  Please do not have your laptops open on your desk unless the teachers gives permission.


When changing classes, students should always line up in the hall to the left of my door.  Upon entering class, students will start copying down agenda information.   Students should remain in their seats and refrain from talking unless notified otherwise.  Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom once class begins.  Students should be prepared for class daily.


Classwork/Homework – 65%

Tests/Quizzes/Projects – 35%

Late/Missing Work – Late work will be graded but with a lower grade of 60 points being the highest made possible.  Three days late is all that is allowed.  When turning in late/absent work, be sure to put it in the proper container located on my desk.

Retests – Students will be given the opportunity to retest on chapter tests if they make below a 80.  Tests that are excluded from retesting are:  open-book & open notebook quizzes and others at the teacher’s discretion.


To sign up for Mrs. Crump’s text notifications…2019-2020 7th Grade Social Studies, please follow the directions below:

Phone – Text the message @97f9292 to the number 81010
Computer – Open your web browser and go to the following link then follow the directions.


For my students – I expect for my students to be prepared for class.  This means that assignments will be completed on time, and they will be held accountable for their work.  Students will be respectful and inappropriate behavior will be unacceptable.
For parents or guardians – I hope that you will assist with student achievement by helping them prepare for school, encouraging them to complete assignments, understanding rules/procedures, and support their desire to learn.


I believe in having two-way ongoing communication with families.  You are invited to email, write notes, make an appointment, or call the school when needing to share information, concerns, or questions about your child.  Throughout the school year, I will do the same.  I do ask that you give me time to respond, usually within 24 hours.


·    Geography

·    Review of Governments

·    Renaissance & Reformation

·    Exploration

·    Revolutions

·    Imperialism

·    WWI

·    Russian Revolution

·    America (1920s to New Deal)

·    WWII

·    Cold War to Present