Senior Spotlight: Laura Nowell

Piedmont senior, Laura Nowell will attend Appalachian State University in hopes of becoming a Forensic Psychologist.  She would love to be a Behavioral Analyst for FBI. She was offered $12,000 from Appalachian State University and $20,000 from NC State.

Laura shares, “Mrs. Starnes’ AP US History was my favorite high school class. Though it was one of my hardest classes, I could not have asked for a more invested and supportive teacher than Mrs. Starnes. I could not have passed the AP exam without her help.”

Community is a core value at Piedmont. Laura was able to connect with her local community and her peers in the following clubs: Junior Heart Board, National Honors Society, and Piedmont Patriot History Club.  Service is important to Laura.  She has been a regular volunteer for Operation Christmas Child, Special Olympics, and the Schiele Museum. She enjoyed participating in four guitar recitals.

Her parting advice for Freshmen is, “It is a bad idea to tell yourself you have time to do it later. Things will come up, and you might get stressed out trying to do everything at the last minute. Pace yourself, and make sure that you do your best, as your high school career sets the stage for the rest of your life.”  Laura Nowell is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.