Senior Spotlight: Alexandria Inthavanh

Senior, Alexandria Inthavanh, plans to receive her Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) license this year through Gaston College’s College and Career (CCP) Promise program.  She hopes to work in the medical field with her CNA license while she pursues her medical degree at the University of Georgia or Kennesaw State University. She plans to finish her entire college transfer Science pathway before graduation, which will have her beginning college as a sophomore.  To achieve this, Alexandria took four summer classes at Gaston College during the summer.

Her favorite class at Piedmont has been Mrs. Clemmers Honors Chemistry.  Alexandria shares, “Mrs. Clemmer’s class is set up like a college level class. When I took an actual college Biology class, it felt familiar because Mrs. Clemmer’s class had a similar set up.  Piedmont prepares you well for college while also helping you complete college classes.”

When asked what her favorite extracurricular school activity is, she said, “I love all the sports I have played. I can not pick a favorite.” She has participated in golf, basketball, fencing, soccer and dance. She also shares, “I have been here since Kindergarten.  I have known most of the students that I am graduating with since Kindergarten. I like the feeling of everyone knowing each other.”

Her hard work has benefited our community, when she has volunteered to feed the homeless.  Serving the community through National Honor Society, Student Council, and Junior Heart Board has also been a great way to connect with her peers. She advises freshman, “Don’t be scared of high school. Just be yourself and smile.”

Alexandria is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.