Senior Spotlight: Carrie Shive

Piedmont senior, Carrie Shive is beloved by her teachers and fellow students alike. When this High School Student Council president has seen a problem, she is one of the first to lend a hand to solve it. Applying to universities now, she hopes to major in Business Administration and minor in Spanish.

As she saw that students living in government housing in Lincolnton did not have resources to thrive, she joined with her church to create a free tutoring service called REACH. Her senior year is the fourth year that she has tutored students on Fridays at her church. She also teaches piano lessons to some of the students. Carrie shares, “I’ve noticed that teaching the students piano especially gives them a hunger to learn. In band, I’ve learned to come together with my peers to make beautiful music. Music has taught me teamwork.”

This outstanding student has already completed her Business Administration CTE pathway at Gaston College and will complete her entire two year Associates of Arts Degree before she graduates. To accomplish this she took six Gaston College classes this summer and will take 8 Spring semester. Many students at Piedmont have completed a College and Career Promise (CCP) Transfer Pathway, but none have ever completed the entire two year associates degree. Carrie will enter college as a Junior with 61 hours of college credit, thanks to the tuition-free CCP program.

Considering who her favorite teacher is, Carrie notes, “All my teachers have made positive contributions to my life, but I have a passion for history. Mrs. Starnes’ dedication for her students makes her one of my favorite teachers.” In fact, Carrie became a published author during her sophomore year from Tar Heel Junior Historian’s Historical essay contest. At Piedmont, Carrie won the following academic awards: Civics and Economics Honors, AP US History, World History, Earth and Environmental Honors, Spanish III Honors, Spanish IV Honors, Math I Honors, and Math II. As a rising sophomore, she attended Commissioners School, where she learned about the role of the county commissioner as well as different industries in Gaston County. Also, Carrie was honored to be named a Junior Marshal as a junior.

Carrie’s advice for Freshman is to “get involved. I’ve learned all the core values that Piedmont was aiming to teach me through my involvement with clubs. Clubs make change happen. I helped start the Foreign Language Club to experience life outside of our community.”

Dia de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that celebrates life and honors the dead. Carrie lined up speakers of hispanic decent to come share about this Holliday, their culture and to lead the students in decorating sugar skulls. Twenty students had fun learning about a new culture.

Letting her actions speak for herself, Carrie says that, “a benefit of a big family teaches you to be selfless.” As the youngest of seven children, Carrie learned to keep her head down and work hard. Carrie Shive is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.

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