Senior Spotlight: Jonathan Williams

Piedmont senior, Jonathan Williams, has one of the top GPA’s in the 2018 graduating class.  His start was not as smooth as his senior year.  He was a premie, born three months early.  Jonathan wants to be a pediatric endocrinologist because he experienced a thyroid condition himself.  After losing weight despite eating normally, he had to meet with a pediatric endocrinologist.  In addition to following doctor’s orders, Jonathan’s family prayed fervently for him to be healed.  He no longer has the thyroid condition, but his eyes were opened to families with children who have autoimmune conditions.

His favorite class was honors anatomy and physiology.   When asked if he had a favorite teacher, he said, “I can’t pick. They are all so good.”  By graduation, Jonathan will have 18 credit hours through Gaston College’s dual enrollment high school program. He hopes to use the Promise scholarship to cover his tuition at Gaston College after high school.  Though he was offered a $60,000 scholarship to Lenoir-Rhyne, he plans to complete an associate degree in Science at Gaston College before heading to a four year university.  His dream is to attend Duke.

As a member of the Gaston Young Guns Shooting Sports, he earned a spot in the NC State Junior Championship this year.  Last year he earned the Gaston Young Guns Sportsman award.  He is hoping to find a college with a shooting team.  As an avid outdoorsman, the Environmental Club was a great place for him to connect with like minded people and serve the school.  He says, “Outdoors is a truly amazing thing, but we have to learn to conserve it for future generations.  I try to strive for all three of Piedmont’s core values.  Character, Community and Academics are all important.”

His advice for freshmen is, “Learn to make your own decisions. Don’t get discouraged.  Work hard and never give up.”  Hard work is something that his parents have modeled his whole life.  He says, “I am thankful for my parents, but most of all God, for giving me all the wonderful opportunities and advantages that I’ve had.”  Jonathan is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.