Senior Spotlight: Taya Darby

Piedmont senior, Taya Darby, plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill to be a physical therapist.  While her parents attended NC State for college, Taya is following the footsteps of her sister who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has been accepted to Wingate University, Brevard College, UNC-Charlotte, NC State University, and UNC-Chapel Hill.  Taya has received $100,000 in scholarship offers and is actively applying for scholarships as she comes across them.  In May 2018, Taya was able to get comfortable on the UNC- Chapel Hill campus through Project Uplift. It is a program in which participants live on Carolina’s campus, interact with faculty, staff and current students, and participate in educational, cultural and social activities. Project Uplift Scholars have the opportunity to immerse themselves in college life and experience the academic rigor and social climate of a four-year institution.

Taya shares, “My favorite class has been Ms. Walter’s Anatomy and Physiology Honors Class. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of science as a whole. This class changed my perspective. Ms. Walter made learning about my least favorite subject, fun and interesting. I loved this class so much that it even helped confirm that I want to have a job that deals with human anatomy.”

While Taya is a student with a top GPA, she is passionate about serving the community and has made time to participate in an array of service opportunities.  Taya volunteers through Volunteen at the Gaston County Library once a month.  Sometimes she sets up for events for children.   She says, “I’ve been a part of National Honor Society since my sophomore year. This year, I have enjoyed being Secretary of the club. I have been a part of Junior Heart Board for two years. As a senior, I joined the Prom Committee and the Foreign Language Club, where I am the Vice President. I’ve also managed the Boys and Girls Soccer Teams here at Piedmont since my sophomore year. I played volleyball my freshman and sophomore year.”  If you are looking for a responsible, diligent team player, Taya is a valuable member to any team.

As she looks at graduating, her advice for rising freshmen is, “Never be afraid to take challenging classes. The idea of taking honors and AP classes may seem daunting, but it will be worth it in the end. These classes will not only help you to build your GPA but will also work to prepare you for life after high school.  At Piedmont, there is a great network of students and teachers that are willing to help you succeed, all you have to do is reach out and ask.”  Taya Darby is the portrait of a Piedmont graduate.