Student Spotlight: Hannah Hudson

Piedmont senior, Hannah Hudson, applied to five universities, which all accepted her and offered her scholarships totaling $374,000.  While initially leaning towards Coastal Carolina University, she has settled on the University of San Diego.  She explains, “I would like to be an engineer or marine biologist. The masters program at San Diego combines both pathways. I would like to be an ocean engineer.”

Athletically, Hannah played volleyball, basketball and soccer.  Last year, she was named Piedmont’s Female Athlete of the year.  This year, she participated in the Mid-West versus West all-star basketball game.  She feels that her athletic involvement paired with academics, made her more well rounded and brought more attention to her applications.

During her high school career, she participated in four clubs.  National Honor Society was her favorite because she “loved getting out and serving the community with friends.”  Selected as one of The Gaston Gazette and Shelby Star’s Best and Brightest of 2017, she will be honored at a special ceremony at the Schiele Museum on April 26th.

When asked if she felt prepared for college, she laughed and said, “Absolutely, I’ve already been taking college classes.  Having already taken college mid-terms while in high school, I’ve certainly had a head start.”  She will graduate with four college classes through the Career and College Promise (CCP) program, which enables qualifying juniors and seniors to take college classes tuition-free.  There are three ways for Piedmont students to take CCP classes including: the occasional professor coming to Piedmont’s secondary campus, students going to Gaston College campus and students taking the classes online.  The virtual classroom provides a designated place for students taking online classes that is monitored by a facilitator.  Hannah continues, “Dr. Hayes from Gaston College is a great professor.  I have loved taking college classes.”

Hannah’s parting words to Freshman, “Piedmont has so much to offer.  Take CCP classes and get involved!”  Hannah Hudson is a portrait of a Piedmont graduate.


Career and College Promise
Students in the virtual classroom taking a Career and College Promise class raised their hand. Piedmont’s one-to-one laptop ratio allows students to succeed in many diverse pathways.