TeamCFA School of Distinction and National School of the Year

On September 28th, Piedmont was named 2017-18 TeamCFA National School of the Year. TeamCFA is a non-profit network of charter schools that supports educating the next generation of American citizens. Due to academic growth and achievement, Piedmont has also been recognized as a TeamCFA School of Distinction.

Board President, Michael Satterfield, shares, “I am proud that Piedmont is in the top 20% of growth in the state. Our staff, parents and students work hard everyday to fulfill our mission to be a superior college preparatory school. It was a delight to be with our secondary campus students as they learned about the TeamCFA awards.”

Following TeamCFA’s CEO Tony Helton’s announcement to the students on Friday, the Patriot Pride Rewards program began to honor the students for their high achievement in the spring of 2018. Each quarter students, with at least a 3.0 GPA who are engaged in school activities and have good behavior, gather to enjoy snacks, music, prizes and social time. The students also get a free t-shirt and a membership card that provides free entry to a sporting event, a homework pass and a tardy pass. This program is one of the many reasons that Piedmont is able to create a culture of achievement. The number of students eligible for the program is on a steady rise and this year is the highest yet.

Also on Friday at the Educator’s Breakfast at Gaston College, Piedmont learned that their students had a 96% success rate in their Career and College Promise (CCP) classes with 46% of juniors and seniors participating in the program. This is a high percentage of participation. This college dual enrollment program is so successful at Piedmont because each student has an assigned laptop, access to our online classroom, and the curricula has a college preparatory focus. Piedmont also offers sports, clubs, fine arts and more.



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